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Change polarity to motor on power on? Answered

I have just got myself a set of electric blinds and wanted to make my own controller for them. 
To control them I would like to use an X10 Appliance module. So at dusk, the X10 module turns on and lowers the linds then powers off 45 seconds later. Then at dawn the X10 module powers on and raises the blinds, powering off 45 seconds later. 

So, I am looking for a DPDT to latch in opposite directions each time there is power applied. 

I've looked high and low and cant find a simple solution, and was wondering fi somebody could help please?

Many thanks in advance


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9 years ago

Can you get an x10 that has 2 outputs?

It's easy enough to make a dpdt that reverses a dc motor - thats the easy part. Having latching up/down toggle makes the solution a bit more complex than having a separate up/down command.

Using end-stops instead of '45 seconds' again, might make a bit more sense. It's how I would do it, not necessarily the best or right way to do it :) I have an image on the subject but can't get it to load at the moment.


Answer 9 years ago

Hi there and thanks for getting in touch.

The roller blinds are manufactured by Somfy and have max and min settings. The instructions advise not to leave the 24V power connected. The solution to this would be an on-off-on dpdt solution. However, I was thinking that if I turned the blind's power supply on with an AM12U, only when heeded and for the duration of the operation, I could "simplify" things. This solution would also only require one poer outlet.

There is an X10 low voltage solenoid switch (UM7206) that has the potential to assist in solving my build issues. The down side to this, I would need two power outlets; one to power the blinds and one to control and power the solenoid.