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Changes after upgrading iOS8.3 you need to be awared. Answered

The following changes you need to know the software upgrade.

Get on the first day of Apple's new Macbook, Apple was released iOS8.3 official version to the public. Perhaps this is for those who can't afford to buy a new Macbook and Apple Watch were a consolation prize, iOS8.3 iOS8 as a major change in the iOS8.3 version, there will be some people loaded to force change, perhaps you have in the QQ space, micro-blog, circle of friends, INS, and saw a friend of mine in the a number of iOS8.3 screenshot or surprising it bug, after the upgrade iOS8.3 you should pay attention to what place, where it is changed, then to have a look the PP apple talk.
This is a media rarely mentioned, a change is more like the small. Open the compass, you will see it in addition to prompt to rolling spheres, here there is a [Cancel] options, click the cancel you can directly see the use of compass. Apple also gave it a latitude, longitude increasing instructions, and that was where the provinces. Very convenient. The south is also useful to red range identified.

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