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Changing DC Circuit to Pulsed DC Answered

I am interested in changing my fixed current DC circuit to pulsed to increase the brightness of my LEDs. I really have no direction when it comes to making this pulsed circuit. I have looked into precision full wave rectifiers that I think are what I would be looking for. I am not sure what type of pulse width I would want. The one that I think would be ideal would be a Mouser DF01M, I am not sure if a pulse width of 200 microseconds is fast enough.



17 days ago

Either this another double post, which is quite useless or my replies end in the digital nirvana...

Get high brightness LED's if you need more light, everything else will drastically shorten the lifespan of your LED's ;)


Reply 16 days ago

I also answered there. Looks like either
- With the maintenenace lately the posts got scrapped
- Autor deleted the thread
- Page is eating all replys or complete threads on its own.


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I hope for option 1 but think it might be hiding behind door number 3.
There is still a delay of up to three days for replies Imake to appear on the site.
If that is the case for the authors as well then it explains why not many come back.
I mean, why bother if after a day or two it looks like no one answered?
Especailly with notifications still failing to do anything at all.