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Changing DC voltage and amperage? Answered

I've been looking into HHO units and the most efficient voltage is 1.5 VDC but the units pull 30 Amps.  All the converters and modules seem wasteful while I feel there is a direct way to create this supply with minimal loss from battery supply.  Resistors seem to be the most efficient but what resistor can turn 12V into 1.5V while delivering 30 Amps without burning something out.  I'm contemplating a bank of resistors all on separate leads and tied together in a parallel combination so the 30 Amps are split along many lower amp rated resistors.  I just don't know enough about DC conversion to know if amps will become volts or just get lost to heat dissipation.  An HHO unit relies on the highest efficiency current supply to perform correctly and save my gas.  The units are out there but not this fine tuned system I want to build because 1.5V at a 30 A draw from a 12V car battery is hard to do without wasting the gas in just converting the ideal power supply.  I've heard talk of using diodes as well.  Is a diode or resistor setup more efficient than a PWM?  Could I combine diodes and resistors for better efficiency?  I've been searching the web for info but it just confused me more as nothing I've read comes anywhere close to what I'm trying to do.  Those I've read about that try to build the most efficient power supply end up burning up their components by pushing them too hard while instructing others to do the same.  There has to be an efficient way to create that ideal supply current without much loss.  Could it be run straight off my alternator since it produces AC before the voltage regulator converts it to DC or would a second regulator just waste more current than resistors and diodes from the 12V battery?  Any advice or info would be greatly appreciated.    



7 years ago

I read an article once that said it was better to use a PULSED dc voltage rather than straight dc. It said the amperes could be reduced greatly, while increasing the hydrogen output using this method. I notice ebay has many of them for sale, if you do a search for "HHO pulsed kit" on ebay, you will see lots of them. I think i remember the article said a certain frequency pulse of about 1600 hertz worked best, but I'm not sure about that.


7 years ago

1.5V at 30A is the same as 30V at 1.5A.

volts times amps = watts. Watts = Watts.

A resistor is the LEAST efficient way to drop voltage, literally. It turns voltage into heat. If you supply 30 amps at 15v through a resistor that drops 13.5 volts, you waste 30 amps * 15 volts while only keeping 30 amps at 1.5 volts.

If 1.5v is what you want in your reaction chamber, then but 9 of your reaction chambers in series at 12V.

You really need to read up on watts, volts, amps, and ohms (law). Everything converts when you know those.