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Charge LiPo 3.7 240mAh with 3v? Answered

I have been told that I need to use a charging controller to charge a LiPo 3.7 240mAh with 3v. I have searched and cannot find one. Any help? It needs to be very small as well.




5 years ago

You know these questions could have stayed in your original post.

First of all you have not been told you can charge a 3.7V LiPo on 3V. You've been told it would require extra circuitry to charge the battery on 3V and you've also been told you need a charge controller to monitor the charging of the battery. You need to look for a charge controller compatible with your battery. Then based on that controller find a suitable power source to charge the battery with. In your case you'll want a solar panel that can offer more than the minimal voltage the controller is looking for. Since the controller will work with a range of voltage.