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Charging HV capacitor banks Answered

I noticed that recently a lot of users are looking on information on how to charge capacitor banks.
Not going into the legal aspects here when it comes to coil guns, EMP's and similar applications...
I do have a few options at my disposal depending on how fast the charging needs to be but for serious applications with high power levels, fast charge rates and so on it soon becomes very technical.
The differences between the US mains power and the rest of the modern world only complicates things here.
So I was wondering who already build some decent cap charger based on inverter technology and if these people are willing to share their info and schematics for reference - if you already have an instructable explaining it a link to it would help heaps.
Considering the costs of high performance caps circuits with proper protection against overvoltage and with good current limiting properties would be prefered over simple circuits that could damage the caps.
Thanks for your help!


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