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Cheap Auto Range Multimeter? Answered

As the question states. Anyone know of a good, cheap, auto range DMM? The more features and higher ranges the better. I don't need true RMS, would like capacitance checking ability as I reuse a lot of used electronic components from stuff people throw away, and I always saw auto range as more of a convenience, not a necessity. I would like to spend as little as possible, as I'm sure I'll eventually burn it out on one of those used components, like I did the $20 harbor freight clamp meter I had.



Best Answer 8 years ago

A cheapy meter is all you need. Getting lots more features and autorange function is un-necessary unless you NEED those features. The auto-range function can cause EXTRA confusion to the new-to-meters tech. Two features you might find usefull is AUTO-SHUT-OFF when meter is unused for xxx minutes. Another feature that is usefull is AUDIBLE-TONE when looking for "shorts". Many times a newbee tech will buy a tricked-out DMM to compensate for lack of knowledge on how to use one. This is a natural tendancy that all us technical people go through. I did it too when i was young. Now i am more skilled at DMM usage and i prefer very cheap meters that only cost 3 or 4 dollars from Harbor Freight tools! If you have any questions about how to use a DMM, you can ask them here. Maybe you can keep your money in your pocket now.... unless you actually NEED those features.


Answer 8 years ago

I only pull out the sophisticated meters to impress new clients, who
have little or no knowledge of the situation they want to tackle.

Keep in mind, it is deductive reasoning that makes the best meter of all.


eric m

7 years ago

Harbor Freight centek $40

Klein true rms autornging $40 <-nice http://www.amazon.com/Klein-MM200-Auto-Ranging-Multimeter/dp/B003LCITWA/ref=pd_sim_sbs_hi_1

Vichy V99 $25 <- ebay. not bad

exetech on amazon $30

Equus has a cheap one on Amazon. Gets good ratings. http://www.amazon.com/Equus-3320-Auto-Ranging-Digital-Multimeter/dp/B000EVYGZA


8 years ago

How high a range do you _really_ need? And must it be autoranging? Picking the features you're actually going to use is one way of getting a better meter for your money.

The basic $25-$40 digitals aren't the most precise thing in the universe, but they do the job. And if you cook one it isn't the end of the world.