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Cheap CD Player + Good Speakers = Not Very Load Music...Help!!! Answered

Not really sure if this is the right place to post this as im new to the site but heres my problem.

Im off to a festival soon and i always take my own music for before and after the bands. This year however im broke and only have a small cheap portable CD player of about 2 Watts. I have some nice big powerful speakers, but the volume for the CD player just isn't load enough and im only getting so much volume out of the speakers. Can anyone let me in on what i need to make an amp to boost the sound, or maybe something else that would help get more sound out of a small crappy CD player. Im not that technically minded and as i said i don't have much cash to spend, but im willing to give it a shot, any help would be appreciated thanks.


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10 years ago

Well a pre-amp would do it. Kinda like what old turntables needed to boost their sounds. The nice thing is old preamps shouldnt be all that much. I know that's not the most professional or DIY answer you needed, but I have dealt with a similar situation before. I salvaged old boom-box speakers and hooked them up to an old pre-amp that was really old, and now they work as great studio monitors