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Cheap Two Stage rocket Answered

If you were to take two model rocket motors and remove the secoundary charge (that pushes out the payload) from one and possibly fill the rest of the cartrage with homemade propellant. if you put one cartrage ontop the other and secured it with a little tape, would that work as a two stage rocket. does anyone think that the flame would travel into the secound cartrage and the pressure would blow out the first cartridge. Just wondering if anyone tried this before and is still alive and happy.


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13 years ago

There are special rocket motors (called "booster motors") made without the delay and ejection charge for use in multi-stage rockets, and most model rocket manufacturers will have at least one two-stage model in their portfolio. Also, a technique known as "CHAD staging" is very like what you describe - a booster motor is simply taped to the upper stage motor, and hangs off the bottom of the rocket. The tape burns through when the booster motor burns out (and simultaneously ignites the upper stage motor.) You have to have a very stable rocket (lots of fin area) to be stable with all that extra weight in the tail, but there are a number of common models that are known to work.
There's a pretty thorough description of model rocket staging here at Apogee's web site. You've done a good job of re-inventing how it works!