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Cheap easy way to wring out handwashed laundry?? Answered

I have been using the Instructables Bathtub Laundry method for several months now, and it works great. I even bought some drying racks, and it has cut my electricity bill by about 40%! The main problem, though, is that i haven't found an easy way to wring out all that laundry. I have some carpal tunnel issues, and it takes forever to try to wring out 3 or 4 loads of laundry that would otherwise take me 1 or 2 hours or so. Does anyone have any cheap easy ideas for wringing (or spinning) laundry? I would love to build something to help with this process, but i live in an apartment and my access to tools is kind of limited.


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11 years ago

For the heavier stuff, I would lay the items flat on a towel and then roll the towel up. You can either twist each end in the opposite direction to pull the water from the item to the towel OR walk on the towel a few times. Pull out the items and give them a good shake to release some of the wrinkles.  I did this many times when I first started out on my own.  If you are short on towels, get some used ones at the thrift store.  It does work.  Happy laundry!  MsJany