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Cheap lego lots, anyone? Answered

Anybody know where I could get a ton of legos for a good price? I earn 10 a week, so try to make it fit that. I'm making a post apocalyptic DC, to let you know. Thx, builder968



Best Answer 9 years ago

Bricklink.com is a lego marketplace, and the prices are pretty good. Maybe you should try that?


7 years ago

I have a HUGE, but REALLY HUGE Lego Lot, interested, email me to JuanDiC24@hotmail.co.uk


10 years ago

Yard sales? Tell your friends that if their kids have outgrown lego you'll buy them out? Lots sometimes appear on eBay; whether the price is "good" depends on how lucky you are. If you're literally ordering "a ton", contact the manufacturer and see if you can get a bulk discount; that will be a good price but not necessarily a cheap price, if you see the distinction. Cheap and quick are generally in competition with each other. This may not be a project you can complete in a reasonable amount of time without throwing more money at it than you can afford right now. Good luck...


10 years ago

Get in touch with the mfg. of lego. If they like the project they have been known to supply a stock of legos and take pictures of the project afterwards.