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Cheap powerbank shows light but than stops? Answered

I have bought a cheap power bank, it worked good!
But now there's something strange, I know it's cheap so it doesn't work long but if I charge my powerbank it shows a light and than the light stops showing and the powerbank doesn't do anything anymore. I saw somewhere that you can take out the battery inside and plug it in to a battery charger? Does that help?


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5 years ago

Need more information. What power bank are you talking about? One of those cheap rechargeable USB backup batteries packs? If the indicator light goes out after plugging it in to be charged then likely the battery itself has a problem or the charge circuit is dead. If you have the proper charger for the internal battery you could take it out and try charging it. but you'll probably spend more money on a separate lithium charger then you would to just replace the Power Bank all together.