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Cheap rotary tools/dremels Answered

What do you guys think about these? Are they any good? Im talking about the really cheap £5-£10 ($10-$20) ones. I've always wanted a dremel but I didn't want to fork out more than about £10. Thanks - Josh.


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13 years ago

OK, I've been doing some research and I've decided I don't want to spend more than about £20 (~$40) and I found this, and It seems to look very good. Its rechargeble, 9.6v, has plenty of cutters etc, the speed seems OK and its garenteed for 3 years. This is the manufacturer description:
"Product image. Click for closer view...
102 Piece Rotary Tool Set. 9.6 volt Rechargeable and variable speed (no load 8,000-20,000rpm). Complete with grinding, drilling & cutting accessories, plus sanding and polishing tools, collets & a 1070mm flexi drive shaft for intricate tasks. Complete with charge base and storage case. Charging time 3 hours (approx)."
The rrp is £18.90 and from amazon I would pay £19.30 shipped.

tia Josh,


Reply 13 years ago

Thanks LasVegas.