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Cheap wireless between desktop PC in basement and RS232 device upstairs? Answered

Device upstairs has
-RS232 serial port on which is sends and receives data periodically.

PC in basement has:
-RS232 serial port
-connected to home WiFi Router

The device and pc communicate at 115bps ... currently via a long serial cable.

Basically i need a wireless rs232 link  (between serial port of the device, and serial port of the PC)
some sort of hybrid link (between serial port of device, and  PC  ..via wifi or bluetooth)

Cheapest solution i know so far, costing about $40, is for a hybrid scenario: buying a used and cheap  Linksys WiFi Router WRT54G, hacking it to add changed firmware (it's Linux open source), adding serial port to it and connect my device to it + write custom program that runs on the Linksys router that sends the serial data to my PC...
Might be cheap solution but very scary to me, because i'm only used to writing code for Win32 PC platform. I know next to nothing about Linux.

Any other ideas?


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11 years ago

I'm looking into this myself for a bunch of instruments... I'll follow up if I find better ideas, but a quick google finds:

(1.) There are $50-$120 adapters for rs232 to blue-tooth. Blue-tooth wireless claims a 100-foot range in free-air.

(2.) A not-very-energy efficient way is what you suggest or to buy some old laptop with 9-pin-male serial-port, and add it to your wireless network, and use it as a logger. The discussion here may give you idea of how to do this with a very-low-power computer:  www.earth.org.uk/note-on-SheevaPlug-setup.html
though not much info on rs232.

(3.) There are also stand-alone rs232 loggers similar to usb-stick that could collect your data. Typically battery powered but battery lasts very long time. Innards are probably built around postage-stamp development kits.


11 years ago

Someone asked exactly the same question yesterday <br /><a href="https://www.instructables.com/answers/Cheap-wireless-between-desktop-PC-in-basement-and-/"> here </a> You could comment to orksecurity as they were having a go at answeringthat one (REPLY button)<br /><br />L<br />