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Cheap wireless between desktop PC in basement and RS232 device upstairs? Answered

Device upstairs has
-RS232 serial port on which is sends and receives data periodically.

PC in basement has:
-RS232 serial port
-and is connected to home WiFi Router

The device and pc communicate at 115200 bps, currently via a long serial cable...which i'm trying to get rid of.

Basically i need a wireless rs232 link  (between serial port of the device, and serial port of the PC)
some sort of hybrid link (between serial port of device, and  PC  ..via wifi or bluetooth)

Cheapest solution i know so far, costing less than  $30-$35, is for a hybrid scenario:
-buying a used and cheap  Linksys WiFi Router WRT54G from Ebay,
-hacking it to add changed firmware (it's Linux open source),
-adding serial port to it ..this basically turns it into a Linux PC with built in Wifi and Serial Port.
-write custom Linux program that runs on the Linksys router that sends the serial data to my PC...

Might be cheap solution but very scary to me, because i'm only used to writing code for Win32 PC platform.  I know next to nothing about Linux !  

Any other ideas?


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10 years ago

You could try using Xbee modules (- essentially, serial to "zigbee" wireless modules) to connect between the pc and your devices RS-232 port.

They should be more or less transparent to your setup and act much like a serial cable.


The downside is they are a little more expensive than hacking a router :-)


11 years ago


similar to previous answer, but cheaper ~ $ 45.
make sure that the range is ok though because each dry wall to cross will divide your effective range by 2


11 years ago

Would something like this work?<br /><br />http://www.semifluid.com/?p=19<br /><br />http://www.datalinkcom.net/wireless_rs232/wireless_HPS-120Kit.htm<br /><br />http://www.saelig.com/RW915DI/RW015.htm<br /><br />http://www.wcscnet.com/HdwBTRS232.htm<br /><br /><br />


11 years ago

There are Ethernet-attached print servers, which are sometimes quite cheap (websearch "rs232 ethernet adapter" or similar).

I believe you can configure the Linksys router as a bridge (a client that connects to your existing router via wifi and to other devices via ethernet cables); that plus one of the adapters mentioned above would be one way to do what you need, and one that doesn't require mucking about with either hardware or firmware.

There are also dedicated 802.11-to-serial-printer server boxes. Might be cheaper, but would probably be less versatile.

Caveat: I haven't needed to do any of this yet. I took the simple solution: multiple PCs, with the printers attached to the one that's acting as the hub server.