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Chibitronics + Instructables Build Nights at TechShop Chandler Answered

Have you seen chibitronics???  They're amazing!

I swear I'd just read about these wonderful little sticky circuits, not a month before the invitation to this Instructables Build Night showed up in my inbox.  I spread the news and the whole shop was elated.  What ideas could be come up with for these little guys?

I decided to structure this build night a little differently, as an experiment.  In the past our Build Nights have a been a one day affair, usually lasting for about 2-4 hours.  This time, I wanted to give participants plenty of time to think through and execute their concept.  I set up three separate days to meet.

Our first meeting was to learn about the Chibitronics products we'd been sent.  We spent about three hours playing with them, and learning about them by using the provided templates online.  Folks around the shop thought they were the coolest thing since slice bread - they got a great response.

After this meeting, I gave my particpants two weeks before the next meeting.  They were allowed to take one full Chibitronics kit home, to create their project.

During our second meeting, I could tell that my friends were struggling to execute their ideas - so we brainstormed with each other about how to best move forward.  It was a great meeting, with a lot of neat ideas floating around.  So after about two hours - we set out to finish our projects.

The last meeting didn't happen unfortunately, due to scheduling issues.  However, we continued to talk through the projects with each other via email.  Then it came time for our due date - and lo and behold, no one had an Instructable to submit.  I was surprised and not just a little disappointed about this.  Finally, two of the original five sent me their submissions... while a third sent me a few photos and the beginnings of what was to be their Instructable.  I cobbled together what I had of his idea, which as it turns out - didn't go as planned... but has the makings of a great final product!  If we can just figure out the programming... :/

So, I got a couple of cool ideas out of this Build Night - however I learned a lesson as the organizer, that perhaps this type of ongoing Build Night doesn't work nearly as well as those of the past.  So I think I will revisit my older model for future Build Nights!


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