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Children's Electric Car Answered

I started to build a pedal car for my granddaughter and fell victim to "Project Creep". What started off as a simple, standard style pedal car modeled on a Type 59 Bugatti grew to a 6' long soapbox style car that will need an electric motor to move it.  I am a DIY guy and i have the plans, materials lists (it will be wood) and motivation.  What I don't have is a parts list for the electrical components nor do i have any idea how big the motor should be, e.g. 500W, 750W,750 gigawatts.  I wish there was just a kit that had all the components from accelerator pedals, gears, motor and a way to connect the whole thing to the 16" bicycle tires.  I don't need it to go 20MPH (she'll be 4 by the time I'm finished) but i don't want flimsy - i tend to overbuild things: why use two bolts when three will do? So, the question is what do i need and where do i get it - the first part is the most important.  I promise i will document the whole project with pics and words from concept to test drive - but i need help.   



1 year ago

Just an idea what about a rechargeable drill the ones at harbor freight are not that much and the gearing should work


1 year ago

Check electric mobility scooters for their weight and speed.
If i doubt wait at your favourite shopping center ans ask they guys and girls driving them how fast and how far they can go with them.
In case that is in the rage you have in mind check your local swap and trade favourites for used mobility scooters.
You will need new batteries in most cases but the rest should be a more or less direct swap.
The motor uses a chain drive, so the speed can be adjusted by using different sprockets within certain limits depending on the weight of your creation.
Ifyour wheels are much bigger than you might want to try replacing the sprockets with those from a mountain bike but in reverse.
So you have the big sprockets on your drive train and the smaller ones from the back whhel on your motor.
Can be quite helpful if you to get up and down small hills but needs some tinkering to make it work in the wrong direction.


Reply 1 year ago

Thanks so much.I am also exploring the rear axle set up on an adult tricycle. The gearing is such that i may not need to go electric.Of course this is still way more than a 4 year old can handle so my sister's 7 year old grandson will have some fun.