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Choosing a home amplifier which could handle a car sub woofer Answered

Well i want to know what type of home amplifier i could choose and buy that i could hook up a car sub woofer and then i could mess with the frequencies so i could get that boomy bass in my home and have 2 speakers on the side.
i have tried finding such thing but im not sure if this one is good and could give the two sub speakers enough power to give it those awesome vibrations. the link to this amp ishttp://www.amazon.com/Dayton-APA150-150W-Power-Amplifier/dp/B000VKXLBO/ref=sr_1_21?s=aht&ie=UTF8&qid=1293251962&sr=1-21



8 years ago

Heres another idea, i wouldnt say it's better, but could possibly be cheaper, and it's what i've done in the past.
Instead of buying a monster powersupply, i just used a spare garden tractor size battery that i had laying around. I think i bought it from Sears for $50. Of course you would need to keep this charged, but in practice it lasts for quite a while, a couple weeks with a few hours use per day. We had it connected to a L5 kicker with a 1000watt amp (i think)...and it shook the crap out of my entire house. Made a great new years eve party last year. I had this hooked up to a laptop, with a 3.5mm splitter, one to the regular desktop speakers, and one to the sub. It is not classy or a long term solution, but to setup for a party or something it will work.

Quercus austrina

8 years ago

As long as you keep the ohms of the speakers matched to the amp, you should do fine with this amp. In other words, if you use 4 ohm speakers, you should run it in stereo mode and make sure you have one speaker per side. If you use bridged mode, use one 8 ohm speaker. This will keep the amp operating within rated specs and will keep it from running too hot. Either way, set the top switch to lowpass and play with the crossover frequency.

In all honesty, the quality of bass is much more affected by the speaker/enclosure combo and how it is placed within the room. I used to use a Radio Shack 10 watt stereo amp with some real nice 10" 2 way speakers (which I rebuilt) that would rattle the windows and shake the floor. No subs needed.

Speaker efficiency also plays a big role in today's version of sound quality. Cerwin Vega makes some of the most efficient speakers for the general consumer. Typical ratings are in the upper 90 dB range.

Look for speakers that are efficient, have a decently low resonant frequency (Fs), and preferably have recommended box dimensions or construction directions. You'll find that you will be much more happy with the end result regardless of which amp you use.


steveastroukQuercus austrina

Answer 8 years ago

All fantastic advice. Cabinets are SO important to response, it can't be exaggerated, especially low frequencies.