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Choosing an Arduino compatible board Answered

Hey everyone. I'm very new to microcontrollers. I've never dealt with them but I do know how to program.

I'm interested in creating a wall-avoiding RC truck on a tight budget. I'm mostly going to be following this instructable
as well as this one

I'm thinking about getting this arduino-compatible board. 

This is a motor module I'm looking at.

I'm wondering if anyone has experience with arduino-compatible boards or maybe even tosduino specifically. Are they fairly reliable? Is this motor module something that could work? Why is it only $4 while the motor shield for arduino is $20 - $30. I really have no idea as I would just be following tutorials to get my feet wet in the arduino world.




5 years ago

The only boards I have used are the orig arduino and the osepp board. Prefer the original arduino. Also have made stand alone units with the atmega324 on a breadboard. Just depends on the situation. Both the orig arduino and the osepp boards have worked with all the daughter boards I have tried such as the seeed units.


5 years ago

i would spend the money and get a real arduino uno. You can work on code and not chase any "gremlins" that an arduino compatible board may have. Plus if you get the one with the ATmega328PU on it, you can remove the chip and use it standalone, thus recycling your board for another project.

The Motor controller may work but you might have to modify the code on the instructable to get it to work with your robot.


5 years ago

Don't go with a compatible off ebay and you don't need the equivalent of the Mega. You can get the microcontroller chip with the arduino boot loader on it for about $6. You can get the chip for as little as $4 but you'll need to load the bootloader onto it requiring a chip programmer. A few cents more gives you the clock crystal needed and your ready to go. See the link below and the documentation listed on that page.


The great thing about Arduino and most of the available shields is they are open source. Meaning the schematics are available for free. So you can source the parts yourself and may be able to duplicate what you need for less.