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Christmas Music that You Are Happy To Have Run Across This year Answered

After years of not  coming across any Christmas music that was new to me and pleasing to me, I recently came across a couple of pieces.
One is "Gaudete", sung by a couple of ensemles: SteelEyeSpan, Maedeval Baebs, and Anuna
The other is "Dives and Lazurus" sung by Maddy Prior  and some other groups.
Previous to this, the last  performances that enthused me were the Roches (1989). Their version of Frosty the Snowman is the only version I have ever lijked
Before that , it was Pete Seeger's 1956 Album, which has the best "First Noel"  ever.

So what new Chrismas Music have you discoverd ?


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