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Christmas Present: Post Apocalyptic Scale Model Help Answered

I know that Christmas is a little over two months away but I need help. I'm making my older brother a post apocalyptic scale model car as a present. I have a 1/12 scale model of a 1969 Camaro Z-28 and I want to cut out the back and put model oil drums in it and a mini gun on the roof, but that's just for starters. I just wanted to know if the mini gun I picked out would fit or if it would be too big or small. Any other suggestions would also be awesome, I want to get this started real soon. Please help.





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5 years ago

The pieces you want to get are 1:35 scale which means they are smaller and will not be realistically be the same proportion for your 1:12 scale car.

Since you are modeling, I would skip buying those detail parts and make them yourself. You can make oil drums from dowel segments, cardboard or rolled up paper. Add a bead of hot glue or a line of glue to build up the barrel ridges. You can make any gun and mount from pieces of drinking straw, toothpicks, wood or metal stock. Since it is an apocalypse theme, you will be painting everything and weathering to look all mangled, used or beat up. Refer to photos from the Mad Max movies to see what other random stuff you have around to add to the car. Good luck.


Reply 5 years ago

.......and of course make an i'ble after you are finished