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Christmas Spirit -O-Meter (Bah humbug meter) Answered

I'm a school teacher and every year we have a door decorating competition...and we always lose.  Last year, I tried working on an interactive door display that shows the users holiday/Christmas spirit level, ranging from jolly to bah humbug.  My idea was the user would put one or both hands on a metal plate(s) and lights would show up showing their level of holiday spirit.  Essentially, it's a skin conductivity meter that uses a row of led lights indicating the amount of resistance/conductivity.

Does anyone have plans available or can direct me to a site where I can find them.  Preferably nothing too elaborate where I can just use a breadboard and electronic parts from Radio Shack.




7 years ago

Try simple lie detector circuits, Cut out two hand shaped sensor pads out of aluminum flashing or tinfoil.  Btw, I think you need to keep things holiday-neutral in school, it's gotten to that point in NYC. Probably get sued too for demeaning a kid by ostracizing their lack of holiday spirit.  A jolly time to be had for all.