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Chrome Automatically logging out. Answered

- I've been using chrome for quite some time. 
- When I was running Windows XP I had no issue with getting logged out of Instructables.
- When I started using My new PC (running Windows 7) I had no problem with being logged out of Instructables.
- Before the only time I needed to log in was if I reset my PC.
- For the last week every time I've closed chrome window I get logged out.

Just curious if anyone else is having this problem with Chrome?

Thanks in Advance.



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9 months ago

Where is the logout icon? I just signed up. I have verified my email address 3 times because I can't logout, I can't print the instructions I need. I keep getting the message to logout. It's hard to do so when you can't find the icon or pull down. So far I'm not impressed with the website. It isn't user friendly at all!


Reply 9 months ago

To log out, click your user icon circle at the top right of any page to reveal a menu of options, which includes the button to log out. Hope that helps! : )


9 years ago

I've noticed the behavior as well. My guess is that the programmer(s) were instructed to insert code to auto-logout users upon exit from the site or they pulled caching of logins from the site code and implemented it sometime last week. Possibly for security reasons, although there could be other reasons.

Ort it could have been one of Chrome's incremental updates. I don't recall Chrome doing any update last week, but I generally allow them to happen without paying attention, so I don't know for sure.

Although I guess I can see how it might be to others, it isn't really a bother to me. logging in is a very simple process, and not logging out is a potential security issue, so I generally log out of anything I'm not working with right now.