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Chrome Tanned Leather Care Answered

I know that veg tanned leather can require a bit of upkeep to keep it finished and in good shape, especially if an item is used often. Is chrome tanned leather that same way?

Do you have any tips for keeping our projects looking awesome for years to come? Or favorite products for doing so? :D



Best Answer 3 years ago

Very good question. Even within the category of chrome tanned leather, there are leathers with different finishes that will require different kinds of a care. Top grain or full grain leather (check out the Encyclopedia for definition of these) that has not been finished with an artificial surface treatment will age naturally more like a veg tanned leather, developing a nice patina if well cared for, or drying and cracking over time when you neglect it. These kinds of leathers should be treated with leather conditioners like Dr. Jackson’s Leather Conditioner, or Fiebing’s Care4 when they start to look dry (but these can darken the leather, so test them first of you can). Chrome tanned leather that has a more artificial grain, like stamped leathers and anything with particularly shiny finish, won’t age in the same way and probably won’t need as much maintenance. This kind of leather can also be cleaned more easily with a damp cloth or saddle soap, and can still sometimes benefit by occasionally being treated with a conditioner or oil. As a general rule, don’t let leather get too wet, and if it does get wet, always let it air dry, don’t try to dry it more quickly with a hair dryer or heater. If you are planning to be out in the elements a lot with your leather, waterproofing it with a spray like Kiwi Super Protector is probably a good idea :)