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Cigarette Odor Answered


I need help in getting rid of the cigarette odor from my room.

Thank you for reading this.




8 years ago

Haven't found any decent DIY methods but febreeze works pretty well on fabrics and carpet, great for clothes - tell your roomate to open the window while they're smoking and leave it open a bit after or to smoke outside, I used to smoke in my old house and stopped smoking anywhere but the kitchen because of the musty smoke smell.

Kitchens and utility rooms are good for smoking as they tend to have little soft furnishings to absorb the smell, also less likely to have wallpaper which does the same.


8 years ago

Well, you gotta ask yourself this,
1. You have to eliminate the odors because you shouldn't be smoking.
2. They happened to be those "funny" cigarettes.
3. Guests in the room lit up without permission.
Do you feel lucky...

You can try the "organic" methods to include completely airing out the room but if there is smoke residue that has penetrated the walls and fabric furniture and bedlinen, you might need to some fancy chemicals/air fresheners/fabric odor eliminator sprays/megawatt ionization of the room.

Next time, stay at a better hostel with smoke-free rooms.


Reply 8 years ago

Thank you.

I don't smoke but my roommate do so I was looking for a way to get rid of the smell.


8 years ago

You can use a ionizer, thats work great with odors.


8 years ago

I recommend the below alternatives.Hope it helps.
1)Open the windows and air out the room, the entire home or vehicle. Open as many windows as possible and let the fresh air flow through the entire area. Leave them opened as long as possible.
2)Place lemon peels in a bowl and place around a room that has a cigarette odor. Leave overnight to absorb odors and then discard.
3)Place pieces of charcoal in a bowl and place around the area in inconspicuous places. Charcoal is very good for removing odors.

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8 years ago

What about orange peels, aromatic herbs, and the like of those crushed and spread about the room? It might not be strong enough to mask the smell, though.


8 years ago

Try vinegar alone in saucers placing them in areas where it is the strongest. I have not tried this but my grandson told me he knew someone who had a fire in their house and for 1 week they placed vinegar in saucers around the house and it was gone. The vinegar smells but not like the smoke and he said it took care of the smell.

OR but don't mix these with vinegar!

Sprinkle baking soda in saucers or bowls and spray it or pour with over the counter peroxide. Spray a couple of times a day. Renew the baking soda if needed. This works! I have used it on skunk spray and doggie odors and many other things. It may take a few times but it will do the trick.


Reply 8 years ago

This might help explain, read the part about odors.