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Circuit board assistance for a beginner (corded phone hack)? Answered

I'm attempting to hack an old corded phone into a two button device in a smaller enclosure. Reason being my apartment uses landline phones to buzz people into the building, and I wanted to see if I could DIY a fun alternative.

As it stands the functionality of two buttons is needed - speaker to answer/hang up, and the 9 key to buzz in - but the board itself is larger than the enclosure I had wanted to put it in. Is there a way to get around this? Would it be a matter of having to trace the circuits and physically break off pieces of the board that aren't relevant (keys 1-8, etc), or do I have it all wrong? 

Pictured below is the board and the two buttons in question. EDIT: I accidentally circled the key below the 9 key - I'm aware of this mistake.

I am a total newbie when it comes to this stuff so if this is a dumb question I apologize in advance. Additionally, if anyone has alternative solutions or suggestions for this issue I would love to hear them. Thanks!



4 years ago

How small are you wanting to make this? Chances are it won't work out. You may be able to break off the entire number pad area and solder buttons to the traces for the 2 buttons you need. Just a matter of follwoing the traces back to the main part of the board where all the components are at and find a sutable place to solder your wires for the buttons.

BTW you have the # key circled from the number pad buttons. Unless the 7, 8, and 9 buttons are along the button where you are at as appose to the *, 9, and # like in the US.


Answer 4 years ago

The board itself is about 6" long, and the enclosure I had in mind is 4". Width isn't an issue as it is narrower than the body is.

Interesting to know. Yeah I imagined it would be a hard fix either way considering there are components above the number pad that I will need in order to get the phone to function in general (phone hook sensor, line in, speaker phone). I have tried to look up schematics for the specific model but haven't had any luck yet.

And re; the the circles, I realized after I had uploaded that I had the wrong button circled haha. Thanks for the heads up.