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Circuit boards Answered

Does anyone know where I can find replacement circuit boards for my Gateway model number vg70 laptop



Jack A Lopez

7 months ago

I dunno. eBay? Although I hate to send anybody to the eBay laptop, chop shop, sellers. You know. These people for whom an old laptop is worth more as the sum of its parts, if they can sell all the little parts individually.

However, if one of them happens to have the exact part you want, at a not-crazy price... well that could maybe be a good deal.

Better is if you can find the seller who is not a chop shop artist; i.e. just some ordinary joe or jill, selling his or her old broke laptop: the screen, the keyboard, the battery, the hard drive, the RAM, the whole darned thing, at a broken laptop price.

Of course a whole broken laptop is often hard to find, because those get bought up and resold, as parts, by the chop shop sellers.


7 months ago

I have been repairing laptops, stereo equipment. I have several recourses but not on laptop parts