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Circuit help Answered

Been decades since I did any circuit design and I have a fairly simple need someone will certainly have a simple answer for.

I need to run a simple pulse output from a 5 minute timer into a circuit that will have 4 outputs. Each pulse in will cause the next output in line to go HI, with the others all LOW. 5 minutes later, the HI will move to the next Output, with all the others again at LOW. Once the 4th and last output has gone HI, it will wrap around to the first output again, and so on.

Sound a bit like a Ring Counter, but there is no CLOCK pulse here. Just a short pulse every 5 minutes or so to the input.

Any help would be appreciated. This isn't rocket science, so simple and cheap would be a plus.




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Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

1 year ago

I seem to recall the 4017 decade counter,



had outputs that worked this. That is to say, it had ten outputs, and only one of these outputs was ever high at any particular time. Also I think this counter could be made to count to numbers less than 10 (e.g. 4), just by connecting the Nth output to the reset input.

Also I think the state of the counter only ever changed on the rising edge of a signal on its clock input... although that might have been overridden by the reset input.

To me, the confusing part of your question is the part you call, "a simple pulse output from a 5 minute timer..."

Is that a part you already have? I am kind of hoping you have that part.

By the way, if you build this with a microcontroller, like Arduino or ATTiny, or something like this, you can probably implement the "5 minute" timer, and the 4 outputs that change the way you want them to, all using just one chip, or just one board (in the case of Arduino).

I am not saying I know how to do this, i.e. programming a particular microcontroller to do exactly that, just that I suspect it could be done that way.


1 year ago

use the "short pulse" as the clock pulse