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Circuit not working? Answered

Hey Guys,

This is like the 5th question regarding the same circuit. Maybe its because the circuit is a bit hard to make or .. idk. Anyway I tried it on breadboard and in the 5th attempt it worked but now that i soldered it on the normal perfboard its not working. It doesn't detect the clap at all.(the microphone is properly connected).I dont know what I did wrong. I bought a multimetre recently so if you could tell where im supposed to see what voltage that should make it easier to troubleshoot the circuit. BTW Pin 12 and 13 are not connected because i remember when they were connected on beadboard it wasnt working.



3 years ago

See a hand clap audio signal that in this case flips the 017 about 45 times

That is an odd count - - - So the relay changes state.

If the clap peaks count is even the relay will stay the same position.


Did you remember to include the suppressing relay coil diode in your perf-board circuit ?


3 years ago

12 should not be grounded, 13 must be.