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Circuit to connect stereo output to 5.1 speaker system? Answered

Hi all!

I am after a circuit that will mix a stereo source together (into mono) then pipe it out to a 5.1 speaker system. Obviously the simple solution is to wire the left and rights together and then patch into each speaker on the 5.1 speaker system. However it causes noise and other audio artifacts.

I am thinking some form of op-amp type circuit to mix the L and R. That then either can be directly split between the speakers or goes into another pre-amp circuit for each speaker output (maybe even a band-pass for the sub woofer).

Just to explain what this is for: I want to have music in a workshop. At the moment we have a standard radio which, to be heard the other side of the 'shop, is quite loud. Those near it then turn it down and arguments start (not quite but you get the idea!). I want to use my old 5.1 computer speaker system to spread the sound around the 'shop evenly so the volume is constant no matter where you are - a poor mans PA system.


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7 years ago

Then connect all the speakers together. You can have a pair of speakers connected to the left and right channels. Thus giving you 4 speakers to work with around the shop. It's not all that good for the sound system but will work fine. You may even be able to put 3 speakers per channel.

Your running into problems when your trying to combine the Left and Right channels. So leave that out of the equation and you'll be fine.