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Circuitry and Metalworking // Classes and Workspace at 3rd Ward Brooklyn Answered

Our beloved Instructables members, allow us to introduce you to a New York City
area resource for makers, creators and dreamers. If you haven’t heard of 3rd Ward
yet, they are a member-based art and design center in Brooklyn on the forefront of
creative workspace and education. Check out the recent profile in New York
Times: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/07/03/arts/design/03third.html

Just like the community that you all find on Instructables.com, 3rd Ward is a place for
you to realize those DIY dreams within a supportive network.

The main engine of 3rd Ward is the Memberships, which are open to all and offer
discounted or free enrollment in their multidisciplinary class series. Classes are taught by
industry professionals, ready to school you just in time for that new project. You can
choose to craft an electronic sculpture from start to finish in Handmade Circuits, bring
rock and roll back to life in Electric Guitar Rescue, bring out your inner bad ass in Night
Welding or 150 other paths to creative bliss. Check out the full class catalog at http://

3rd Ward is already a hub for New York area artists and craftspeople. Now, they’re
inviting you to join the movement. As an offer to Instructables members: when you sign
up for a 12-month Membership with 3rd Ward before November 20th- your first month is

To claim your free month and schedule your tour of 3rd Ward, visit http://
www.3rdward.com/takeatour and enter promo code INSTRUCTABLES


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