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Citizen Science Contest - SciStarter Answered

Citizen Science Contest

Millions of "regular" people are helping scientists discover galaxies, measure climate change, track species' migrations, monitor air and water pollution, and more through citizen science projects featured on SciStarter.com. Help make their experiences better by coming up with solutions to some real annoyances: stop critters from eating sunflowers planted to observe pollinating bees, help remind volunteers to reset rain gauges and report measurements, link activities to social experiences. Or, dream up your own home-based research project that involves public participation to advance a field of scientific research.

The Challenges: To get you started, we've listed four specific--and very real--challenges sent to us by project organizers. These problems impact the experience of the participants, and/or the ability of the project to reach its full potential. Select one or more to solve or come up with your own creative solution to a challenge you face as a citizen scientist!

- Create Inexpensive Hail Pads
- Stop Critters from Eating Sunflowers
- Help Participants Submit Their Data
- Provide 1000 cheap, wireless climate data loggers

Enter now! Contest closes January 21, 2013


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