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Clay Contest Criteria Answered

I have a question about the Clay contest criteria....debating whether to do an instructable for a DIY downdraft kiln vent for under $50 (cf $450-600 to buy) that I built. I've actually been waiting for the clay contest before publishing, however the contest criteria says: 

"For the purpose of this contest, any project that uses a moldable, malleable, clay-like product will be eligible."

So question is, would a kiln vent be eligible? Previous contest criteria has been "all things" related to said topic, but this seems more narrow in scope. Obviously a kiln vent is not made with clay, but it certainly fits the pottery topic.

What to the contest gurus say?



3 years ago

Something like that could definitely win! Good luck!


3 years ago

Yes, I think that's well within the spirit of the theme and we would happily let that in.

Perhaps we can edit that to broaden the text as needed (you are correct - we generally try to use "-related" to cover all the possible on-theme interpretations, but it looks like we didn't on this one).

Sam (seamster)

Community Manager


Reply 3 years ago

We re-worded the contest description to clarify. Thank you for asking! :)