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Clean bike shocks? Answered

Im wondering if/how I can take these apart and clean them. If I can't what would be the best way to clean them?



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Best Answer 5 years ago

If only lighting rusted, I recommend using baking soda as a de-oxidizing polish. I just finished restoring a field tripod using baking soda. Worked great and resulted in far less scratching than cleanser or abrasive pads. (simple technique. dampen a paper towel, pour generous amounts of baking soda on and rub well into the metal, then allow to dry and brush off.) I'd avoid using acids unless you have severe rust, as they generally exacerbate surface oxidation issues.

As for disassembly, I'd be more inclined to blow them out with compressed air and lubricate generously AFTER any external surface cleaning/polishing. Remove excess with paper towels or rags.. Once you'reall done, give the stainless shock barrels a light coat of mineral oil or car wax.


5 years ago

You can take the shocks apart if they no longer work properly, otherwise I would not bother.
The only part getting corrosion or dirt is outside and can be cleaned with metal polish.
For rusted screws I recomend a soak in vinegar to remove the rust.
Give them sligh spray of oil once dra to protect them.
What exactly do want to clean as it is not clear from your posting or the pics?