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Cleaning a Saitek Cyborg Keyboard? Answered

I spilled a root beer float in my Saitek cyborg keyboard, which resulted in sticky keys everywhere. I rinsed it under water once and now all the keys work fine, except the '2' and 'X' keys. How can I clean these two without risking damage to my keyboard?



Best Answer 10 years ago

Pop a couple of keys off near the affected keys and assess the damage. It's easy to do with a flat screwdriver or a dull knife, just hook it underneath and pry upwards. Most of the keys can just be pushed back on. If you see the circuit board, you can wipe the circuit board with a damp rag, or even a little bit of rubbing alcohol. Use a cotton swab or the corner of your rag to give it a good detail cleaning. Test the keyboard before you put the buttons back on. If it still doesn't work, you might need to have the pushbutton components cleaned or replaced. If you can't see the circuit board and you just get more plastic, you'll need to remove all of the keys and dismantle the rest of the keyboard with a screwdriver to get at the board.