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Cleaning an unknown metal object Answered

My husband and I just moved into a new house on 5 acres. While cleaning some of the 'back' yard, I found a small metal coke/beer shaped-type bottle. It is obvious to me that it is a promotional or key chain fob or similar object. It looks like it screws together in the middle top to bottom. That is the crucks, it is frozen closed so the curiosity in me is trying to find how to unscrew the item. Any suggestions?



3 months ago

I can't be 100% sure but the corrosion looks like it is copper based, maybe some brass.
Do these little tests please:
Use some vinegar and a pot scourer - does the metal get chiny like copper or brass when rubbing it for a while?
Does the metal turn really black or grey in color?
If the first happens then go to some Indian grocery shop and buy a small bag of "Pitambara" , or otherwsie called in these stores "Shining powder".
It cleans copper and brass parts more than good and better than any metal polish I know.
If you leave the bottle soaking in a solution of this stuff then it should change back to a clean metal within a few hours.
A bit of rubbing and wiping with a cloth every now and then will speed it up.
If the metal turns black or greyish with the vinegar then you deal with a steel alloy.
Here just letting it soak in vinigar over night should free the threads enough to open it.


3 months ago

Depending on the metal it's made from, you may never get it open. You could try a penetrating oil like Marvel Mystery Oil. There are some others too.