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Clear Wireless Router? Answered

I'm thinking about subscribing to Clear Wireless.. they want a $7 mo lease for the router.

1. Is their router proprietary or can I buy some generic wireless at Walmart or such? What do I buy? don't need anything fancy.

2. Radio Shack is carrying their product. The guy was going to give me the USB router but I'm worried I have to sign up for the $45 mobile service rather than the $35 home version. And money is super tight for me. If I buy a wireless printer will I have to buy a router to access it if I have the mobile/USB version?

Thanks in advance to all you wise ones that help me.

BTW: You watching Watson on Jeopardy tonight? Should be fun. WIPEOUT... humans that is.



9 years ago

Oh darn! I thought I posted this on the Forum. It's been so long since I've been online didn't realize you had this.
Can anyone help me anyway? Or should I move my question to forum?


Answer 9 years ago

Looks like a question, seems like here is a fine place to leave it !