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Cnc questions Answered

I saw this post at instructables about building your own cnc machine at home and i pretty much got interested.I have just few questions though.
Can i make a medium sized cnc machine using that method ?
Are there any standard dimensions for the cnc machine  or i can use my own ?
I am new to G code so where should i start to learn ? 
Which material is best preffered for a medium sized(should fit on my desk) machine ?

Sorry if these questions sound a bit odd to you but i have no knowledge about cnc.




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9 years ago

Sure, but for a semi-serious machine you have to worry about issues like backlash, and motor power. You must have NO possibility of dropping steps as you drive the table.

There are various on-line courses on CNC programming, but , rather like the PC world, we seem to have migrated to tools which generate the code for you, from the model, so the actual details of G code programming are being lost.