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Coanda effect VTOL or "hovercraft" - making a working model Answered

I am currently working on the design of an impeller driven lifting device utilising the Coanda effect.
My 3D printer is of course a great help here but only useful to test the vacuum cleaner assembly that I salvaged for the motor and impeller part.
So far it is just I am interesting to see myself instead of reading it on the net but I was wondering if any RC model makers out here would be interested too?
I have no clue about the available brushless motors and controllers or how much extra weight for electronics, batteries and so on but could provide the 3D files and design tips if anyone would dare to create a working RC model.

Unlike all the designs on Youtube no propeller is used for the lift!
Those designs might still use the Coanda effect, or better adjust it's airflow, for the steering but the actual lift comes from a prop.
An impeller as used in vacuum cleaner does not provide lift and is more the "real deal".
The last real world project that I know of was the Avrocar that was tested during the cold war but never made it into production.
Just though it might be an interesting project to build your own "flying saucer" :)