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Code for website Answered

Which programming language is good for making websites like https://errorcode0x.com/resolve-steam-error-code-80/ ?? Please suggest me.



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1 year ago

Well, all websites us HTML (Hypertext markup language), but things can be added to it to make it look cooler, research "CSS", and "Javascript".


1 year ago

How to fix Yahoo Mail temporary error 2

  • Begin
    by signing out of your Yahoo Mail account from all devices including a
    computer, laptop, tablets, phone, etc.

  • After
    you have signed out of your Yahoo Mail account from all the devices, you will
    need to clear the cache from the web browser using which you are trying to
    access your Yahoo Mail account.

NOTE: You should always access your Yahoo Mail
account using a supported web browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple
Safari, and Microsoft Edge. Also, you should make sure that your web browser is
running with the latest version available.

  • After
    you are done clearing the cache from your web browser, you will need to close
    the browser and restart it.

  • Once
    you are done restart your web browser, you will need to go to the Yahoo Mail
    sign-in page and log into your account as usual. The temporary error 2 should
    get fixed in your Yahoo Mail account.


2 years ago

Hello there! The website you are looking is made up with popular CMS called WordPress. :) WordPress uses the programming language PHP (backend), JS (backend and frontend). For structure and design HTML and CSS... remember that HTML+CSS is not designed for programming, but technically they are programming language because they are Turing complete. For more info about this part check the link below. you can find more info about WordPress here: https://wordpress.org/

It is free to use, you can also be a designer or developer of this popular CMS. :)
Content Management System - CMS

Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WordPress
CSS is Programming Language?