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Code to draw Graphic on nokia 1202 LCD (STE2007 driver) Answered

I've bought a nokia 1202 LCD recently (very nice one, have their pinout ready to use, micro SD headers and a regulator). I've tried hard to find an library for it, and finally found one that's usable. Now printing text is no longer a problem, but graphic is one big mess. Can anyone help me with it? I've already make the image into an array, but stuck with the "display the logo" part. Apparently, the number did something, but I don't know what. Everytime I tried to change it, the screen output something different. I've included the library (which I downloaded it somewhere on the net) and the code I've modified. Thanks in advance, and sorry for my terrible english.



4 years ago

i don't no open .ino . what use program

Mad Foxduongg

Reply 4 years ago

it's arduino code, so you have to use arduino IDE to open it