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Code to start/stop and adjust speed for Arduino Uno to 1 single drone motor Answered

I'm hoping I can get this answer as simple as possible - I'm sure what Im asking has been done a million times over so I'd just love to be able to copy and paste the code - HOWEVER I really don't know what to do next anyways.

Attached images:

  • The set up as a whole
  • 6s LiPo battery - 6,000mAh
  • 80A ESC - "Mystery" brand
  • Drone motor; U7 T-Motor brand, 420KV, 3-8s LiPo battery

Arduino Uno Wires connected from ESC to Arduino Uno:

  • Black to: GND
  • White to: ~6 digital pin
  • Red (grey connector wire from arduino to esc) to: 5V

FIRST: I have it set up in 'a' way that will allow this to function/interact correctly. I do not need an accelerometer and I am wanting to turn it on/off-start/stop and adjust speeds (for all intense and purposes) through my desktop via the USB port. So I want to be able to do all of this through the Arduino create agent editor thing on my desktop.

NEXT: So even if/when someone is so nice enough to show me the code in such a way I can just copy and paste into the editor - I really don't know what to do next. How do I get it to go? I'll have to adjust numbers in certain sections of the code in editor. I'll need some help with this, e.g. this number means this - that means that and adjusts the speed accordingly, etc.

But basically; How do I turn this set up on and off in the editor controlled from my desktop.

Thanks AND please let me know what I can clarify.


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