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Coding trouble Answered


i made a rgb led matrix cube, i downloaded the charliecube code but can't get it to work, it has many different types of .h files, when i try to compile code it gives me, (whichever .h file) an error of, " ---.h file, no such file or directory,,, I've tried downloading many.h file readers I've tried downloading all the files themselves, I've tried rearranging them in my Arduino file, i just cant get it to work, what am i doing wrong or missing? how do i get my IDE to find the file or directory? also if i can't get this one to work i'll build yours, but can i build yours with common cathode rgb's? sorry, i started this one b4 i found yours,



1 day ago

somewhere in the code it should tell you the name of the .h file. I'm assuming the file is named ---.h in the code.

When you downloaded the code, was there a file named ---.h anywhere to be found? Is there any commenting on the code about this file?