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Coil Gun Project Answered

Hey guys,

I am currently building my first coilgun, first of all, the components:

    Disposable camera circuit x 2
    2 x D cell batteries

    2 x 1200uF 200V
    2 x 680uF 200v
    2 x 300uF 200V
    1 x unknown (attached to camera circuit with no info)

   250V @ 15A - 6 pole toggle (I will upgrade to some for of solid state when I have the money)

Now, because I have two of each capacitor I have put one of each into a parallel bank, giving me 2 cap banks with one of each cap, I then connected the two banks in series, I have not done a lot of maths yet which I think I should but I was hoping that would give me 400v which seems to be average. The problem is, it is only charging to 340v tops, I think that may be due to the camera circuits being wired incorrectly. I have the two batteries in series, both charging both of the circuits, then the circuits both charge the caps, the + and - outputs meeting on the caps, am I doing that wrong?

Also, does having 300uF caps in series with 1200uF caps hinder the bigger ones? Would I be better of with just the 1200uF and 680uF, or maybe even just the 2 1200uF in series? should I also leave the small cap on the circuit or take that off?

Thanks in advance guys, any help would be greatly appreciated. I am having a lot of fun with this project and while I wouldnt like to be on the other end, it is still not as powerful as I would like, even for it's small size.


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