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Coilgun, Marx Generator or Voltage Multiplier Answered

I am building a coilgun and I have constructed a coil with several thousand turns, an ohm meter measures its resistance at 300 ohms, so I am having trouble powering it, I ran 240v through it and got nothing. According to my calculations, I need to run 1000 volts at the minimum through the coil in order for it to work. From my research there are three ways to do that:
1)A really big transformer (sub optimal for many reasons)
2)A Marx Generator
3)or with a Voltage Multiplier.
Now I realize that you are supposed to connect the voltage multiplier to the Marx Generator, but wouldn't it be easier to just to make more multiplier stages and remove the Marx Generator entirely? I've seen voltage multipliers go up to 15kv, which is more than enough.


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Josehf Murchison
Josehf Murchison

7 years ago

If you are using AC all you need is the multiplier.

However you have a power limit to your coil, they are usually based on high voltage and high current.

To keep the coil to some reasonable size you had to use a small AWG like 30 or 40 and that wont take a lot of current.

Did you use fish paper between the layers of windings?