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Collections - Unable to edit, add, delete, or unpublish Answered

I have a published collection 'Edibles' with only 8 items in it.  Every time I try to add anything to it I get the "error adding to collection, try again later" pop-up.  I am also unable to unpublish it.  I can delete individual items within the collection but it will not let me save any changes so the deletions don't actually happen. 

This has been a source of frustration for awhile now and I've noticed that others on the forum have experienced similar issues with no permanent fix.  I have since moved the items within this collection into a new one (unpublished for the moment) with no issues so far.  I would really like to be able to delete this old collection since it seems to be a broken list.  I'm hoping an admin can please just delete it for me?  Any help is greatly appreciated.

EDIT:  I just published the new list. Please delete the OLD one labeled only as "Edibles." (NOT Edibles NewList). Thanks again.


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