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Color Conversion Answered

So, I was recently playing my 3ds, when I figured out that the firmware I downloaded, "Luma", can take screenshots. However, there is one problem.

The program which takes the screenshots assumes that the 3ds is using 22 bit colors, when it is actually using 16 bit colors So, the image's colors are quite distorted. This is a problem.

However, this shouldn't be impossible to fix, right? If I'm correct, we should be able to do the correct conversion as long as it was saved in a lossless format.

Are there any programs which do this?



1 year ago

It's a firmware bug and correcting the colors with external programs might not work as the color shift is not the same within every picture.
You would need to manually assign new colors to everything, maybe by first doing a BW image for the contrast - far too much hassle if you ask me.