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Color changing LED faucet? Answered

I'm looking to make one of those faucets that changes color with the temperature of the water coming out of it. I already have a preliminary circuit using a thermistor, an LM311 comparator and a couple LED's. Just wondering if anyone had any tips of how to refine or whatever. Also hitting a roadblock on how to power this, as I want to make it entirely analog (no microcontrollers, just op amps and the like) and I want it to be fitted to an actual faucet nozzle. If it is fitted to a nozzle, space is very limited and batteries are really not desired. I was thinking along the lines of a mini waterwheel or something that uses kinetic energy from the water.


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8 years ago

Most of the ones I've seen use either:
AA batteries under the sink and a length of wire
a little dynamo inside the light generating the current for the leds (which don't take much, so its easy) Simply move a magnet on a little propeller through a coil of water and it will generate current. If your circuit needs to be clever and use good DC then add a capacitor and bridge rectifier.