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Colour slides? Answered

Is there a way to convert Color slides to dvd?


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Best Answer 9 years ago

Absolutely. And its a good idea to do it too.
A few years ago I discovered that my slides were deteriorating. They had algae and mold growing on them. After a bunch of research what I found out is : The film, when it is first made, has formaldehyde and other preservatives in it. Since the emulsion is made from an organic base (the coating, not the film stock itself) it is prone to being consumed. Over time the preservatives that are in it evaporate out and that leaves the emulsion open to being infested. it is not because of wet conditions although moisture does accelerate the decay. So, if you want to keep any of those family photos and slides you need to convert them to digital. This does not apply to black and white which is silver based and has natural antibacterial tendencies. But any of the color slides and/or negatives are dye based and as such can be effected.

Get a good scanner with the capability of scanning slides and negatives. If you have other family members interested in the pictures, recruit them to help. You need to scan everything and organize it. When you are done seal the originals in a plastic bin with some of those moisture absorbers. If you really want to preserve them then fill the container with nitrogen.

Here is a good scanner that is reasonable in price. I really like canon scanners, they do a good job on slides and negatives. I have an older model of this same scanner.



Answer 9 years ago

This is a close up of a section of the above picture. All the green spots and blotches is algae growing on the emulsion.