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Comber greenway opening. Answered

Saturday 8th November the Comber greenway will be officially opened in Belfast, which is kind of odd I've been riding it for nearly a year since they paved it and a few years when it was an assortment of dirt tracks and swamps.

A Community Carnival cycle to celebrate the opening of the Comber Greenway has been organised on Saturday 8th November starting at 9:30am at Walkway Community Centre, Finvoy Street, East Belfast. Full details of the days activities are available below.

Carnival program

  • 9.30am - Welcome and Wobble Activities at Walkway.

Porridge for Pedal Power!

Tree Planting

Bicycle Obstacle Race

Slow Bike Race

  • 10.30am - Ribbon Cutting Ceremony: The Comber Greenway is Open.

Community Carnival Cycle to Comber with Paddy Bloomer artist, inventor, explorer and plumber the most exciting mobile spectacle since Mickey Marley's roundabout!

Tullycarnet Tuck Stop

  • 12.45pm - Eats at the Enler River (provided)
  • 1.15pm - Carnival Cycle Continues
  • 2.00pm - Pedal Parade into Comber - Refreshments
  • 2.45pm - Homewards for the Holywood Arches to arrive by 4:30pm

Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult and wear a helmet.

Information taken from Sustrans.org.uk

More information on the greenway at Comber greenway.tk

I'll have updates on this and more late saturday or sunday, it's a big thing for many cyclists and I here in Northern Ireland since it's been threatened by a high speed bus route, the track used to be a railway and it's a lovely ride, though calmer than my usual...


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